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Finally a new beauty post on my blog! This time is a review about a new range of beauty products called Make It Glow from Pixy Cosmetics Indonesia. This Make It Glow series were including Cushion, Primer and Powdery Cake; but in this post I would only review about the cushion which I already tested.

FYI, It's been a long journey for me to find the right cushion for my skin, and to fulfill my expectation about how my face would look like. That's why I was so excited to try this new cushion from Pixy Indonesia because I already used their products since my high school era.

I usually used a Korean brand's cushion for the past few years, even though I have tried other cushion like Maybelline from the latest collaboration with Gigi Hadid, but it just didn't feel right for me. Btw, you could check my honest review about this Gigi x Maybelline here.

So back to this Pixy's cushion that I recently tried, at first I would like to write about the packing. If you hold the cushion's packing, you would find that the plastic material for this packing was kinda low grade ~felt like a cheap plastic packing~ compared to some Korean brand's cushions, or at least the brand that I used before, or compared to Maybelline's cushion that I had. But since Pixy had chose the correct color for their packing, so the cushion wouldn't look so cheap from far. Instead, it looked elegant and luxurious I would say, so it was fine until you hold it. But from my point of view, this kind of plastic packing would hold on better if it ever fell from your hands.

Secondly was about the tone colors. I was choosing the lightest tone from all which was 101 Light Beige, but once again, it was not suitable for my skin. Maybe because it was produced locally to match mostly women skin tone in Indonesia, so personally this tone was still too yellowish for me and made my face look darker instead of brightening my face. Or maybe because I was accustomed with Korean brand's cushion which was more light and used to have a brighten effect from their cushion. So I'd say, this cushion wasn't met my expectation either.

Next was about the quality. I must admitted that this cushion has a good coverage and blended right into your skin just few second after it applied. For me, it's enough to cover my uneven skin tone but still couldn't cover my dark spots. So I thought it has medium coverage level. After few hours after I applied it, the result wasn't cakey and didn't wear off even when my face was sweaty. It was good enough for my active hours without the need to retouch it.

The good thing from this cushion for me was their very affordable price. When you would get a Korean cushion with price around 200k to 500k, but this cushion was only around 100k for full package! Even it was cheaper from the cushion's refill for some Korean Brand I knew. And it would really a saving for my expenses if only the tone was just right for my skin.

So if you were interested with affordable products with good quality ~and good local brand product~, you absolutely need to try this cushion. And they said, this entire Make It Glow series was only available on Pixy's official account on Shopee. So here is the link where you could shop this products. Happy Shopping & thanks me later girls!! Xoxo~

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