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Finally back to work after a long holiday ~or in my case, a long hiatus~ could be a challenge, since I haven't posted anything related to work recently on my Instagram ~I lost some followers, duh~ or update this fashion blog of mine. Because being a full time mom to my second son is a real challenge as well ~my first son was taking cared by his grandma while I was working in a manufacture company then I decided to quit after gave birth to my second son~. I'm still learning to manage my time between my sons, house works and my job. And unfortunately, my job is the least priority so pardon me if I'm in very slow update. Like this latest outfits which photographed since June but I just could update this post recently.

This post was bringing the theme ' Back to Work ' because mostly of Indonesian employees were had a long holiday last June so the theme was sound just right ~if only I updated this post right after the holiday was ended~. But anyway, this outfits could be an inspiration for working attire generally so I think it's not a big problem if I was late to update.

Just a little bit background for the top, I had this top since last year but just had a chance to take pictures earlier this year because it's delayed due to my pregnancy. So you might remember back in 2017 that Bell Sleeves were so in and many brands were released their own tops with bell sleeves to follow the trend.

Actually, this top could be more perfect for work if you matched it with Pencil Skirt or Culotte Pants. I tried to wear it more casual since I used this outfits for cafe hopping at the time, but I think you could get the big picture of it. So, if you want to get this kind of look, you may check previous collections ~last year collections~ of your favorite brands and voila..

Top Eva Mendes
Jeans Connexion
Shoes Payless
Clutch @naveen_case

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