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Finally, a review for the hottest makeup collections recently. Yes, it's a collaboration products between Gigi Hadid and Maybelline New York!

This Gigi x Maybelline collections was released in USA first then following in Europe and Asia earlier this year. That's why I got a little late on the review ~beside I also did occupied everyday~. So let's continue..

The collections was divided into two selections which were called East Coast and West Coast. East Coast was a selection with nude and earthy tone which we usually saw on Gigi's daily make up, while West Coast was a selection with more bold tone as Gigi often wore for social appearance or red carpet invitation. This collections also had one on-the-go palette called Jesetter Palette which really suitable and reflected Gigi's lifestyle as a model who traveled around the world.

In this post, I would only review about the products that I used which suitable for me and hope it would help you to decide your perfect match. I got myself the BB Cushion, Eyebrow Pencil, Fiber Mascara and the lipstick of course.. Firstly, could we talk about the packaging? The outer packaging for this collections was so futuristic in silver. It might be reflect the youth generation Gigi was born at ~a Millennial~. Meanwhile the products' packaging was in sweet soft pink which looked so feminine alright. I love the pink packing so much!!

BB Cushion

Firstly, I was going to review about the BB Cushion which was a limited edition for Asian market. The shade that I chose was Natural, but for a woman with fair skin, this natural shade was still too dark. So I didn't really like this shade because it made my face looked darker than  my original skin tone. I suggested for all women with fair skin to choose Light shade instead.

This BB Cushion has medium coverage so it could make my skin looked even and covered up my dark spots nicely ~Or is it because the shade was to dark for my skin?~ The matte finishing for this BB Cushion was as same as Maybelline Liquid Powder which have launched first before these Gigi's collections released ~you would know what I was talking about if you have tried the product~

I have tried a BB Cushion with dewy finishing before ~it's a Korean brand~ but then I was really looking for a good matte BB cushion recently because I wasn't really fond into dewy look. And as for this product, honestly I would only gave the score 7.5/10 since it wasn't meet with my expectation very much. But I did love the packaging!! Here's the thing~

Eyebrow Pencil

The second product that I would love to review was the Brow Pencil. The shade I chose was Brown, because I usually had light eyebrow color for my makeup ~My favorite eyebrow pencil was from a Japanese brand~ and even though this shade was not as light as I used to but the result was quite natural on me.

This brow pencil has triangle shape which would help you to create the arch of your eyebrows easier. And the tip of the brow pencil was soft and would glide smoothly on your eyebrows. But in my opinion, it was too soft so it would wasteful in each stroke you did repeatedly.

However, the brow pencil was the only favorite product I had from this entire collection. 

♥ Fiber Mascara

This Fiber Mascara was a tricky one. If you couldn't apply it properly then your lashes would be looking weird with uneven lashes' length. But if you could apply it correctly, then it would make your lashes looked longer and thicker.

The mascara was only available in Black and has two brushes in its both ends. One brush was for the fiber and one for the mascara. The brush for black mascara was fat and dense. To be honest, I didn't really like this kind of brush because it couldn't separate my lashes perfectly. So this mascara wasn't my favorite either.


Lastly, let's talk about the lipstick. The East Coast collection has three shades of lipstick which were called Mccall, Taura and Erin. Unfortunately, in my country, these lipsticks were sold out in no time and it's hard to collect all the shades. So in the end, I could only get Mccall which was my second favorite of the shades. My most favorite shades was Taura but it was already sold out and hard to find it anywhere, so I grabbed a chance to get Mccall rather than nothing.

Mccall was the palest shade from the three of East Coast Collection. It was actually a sweet soft pink shade. But sadly, since my lips has already in its natural pink color so this lipstick wasn't doing much different in me. The texture was smooth and it glide nicely on my lips but it's not really pigmented at all. So overall, it's not my favorite product either.

In the end, the conclusion for my review about this product was that they didn't exactly as I hoped for. The products' quality was so average but the plus thing was they were so affordable! And also have a really nice packing! For me personally, this collection hasn't replace any of my current favorite makeup products  at all. But I did hope they would do great things for you since we're all certainly had difference preference. So see ya in next review! Xoxo~

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