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Hello guys, finally my first post in 2018 after a long absent during my pregnancy. So after gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last year, now I'm ready to work on my blog again. Let's catch up!

As for this first post, I'm going to write my thought about a new and one of the most awaiting beauty product this year ~ it's a lipstick, to be exact ~, which was a collaboration between two famous brands in their own expertise. Also, these two brands are some of my favorite among the others. I'm sure that you already knew what I'm talking about here!

So recently, L'OrΓ©al ~which expert in beauty industry~ and Balmain ~which expert in fashion industry~ have been collaborated together to create a wonderful lipstick series. And you knew that it's not just one but there were three series at once. So this lipstick series were basically a meet end between beauty and fashion visions.

They launched three series ~or they called it Tribe~ to present three fashion genre. They were Glamazone, Rock and Couture with four shades in each tribe. And as for this post, I would only use the colors from Couture which matched my fashion style best.

Firstly let's talk about the packaging. The Couture Tribe has black casing with Balmain logo engraved on it and L'Oreal logo engraved on the gold list. It's so simple, and classy, yet definitely screaming an exclusivity of  a high end brand like Balmain and L'Oreal were. Elegance was the perfect presentation from this tribe which befitted its name.. 'Couture'.

The Couture Tribe consist of Confidence, Confession, Domination and Liberation. But I passed Liberation shade because I've never fond of purple shade and it couldn't use in my daily makeup for outing. So let's going for the review for each shades below..

Confidence is the lightest shade in the Couture Tribe. It's a soft pink color with gold glitters inside. But when I was using this shade, I didn't see much change on my lips. It's maybe because the color shade already as same as my pink lips so it only made my lips shimmering in gold because of the glitters. For me this shade was less pigmented as I wish it to be.

Confession was the medium shade from the tribe. It was a red-orange tone and seems like a red brick color shade for me. This shade was pigmented enough, so the more you applied it, the more orange it would be.

Domination was the most bold color in the tribe before Liberation ~which was a dense purple shade~. It was a bright red tone ~or should I say classy red or Taylor Swift's red? lol~ and it's super pigmented. Applied it once and you're ready to go with a classy and elegant look.

Overall, I fell in love with this collection since the first time I knew about it. And I was really excited to try Confidence at first but the it's turned out far from my expectation, so now I loved Domination more. I loved being classy and Domination was perfect for a party or a night out for me, while the other shades would better for daily look ~at work or grocery time~. Below was the color swatches for Couture Tribe's shades that I had..

 taken with flash
taken without flash

Soo, which tribe are you?

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