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New post in February, the month of love!

Sorry for the long vacant update. Actually quite busy with daily life recently so I was being distracted from blogging in a while. My home was under renovation and to be honest, I had a lot to think about recently. Hope my fellow readers would understand and bear with me for a short moment when I was occupied.

As we're still in Valentine's week, so here I was going to post an outfit in pink. And since Spring will also come soon, I just felt it was the right time to publish this post. Actually I had this pictures taken since last year and just going to post it in the right moment. Then it is the time!

I always loved vintage for years! I loved it in furnitures or accessories and more in fashion style. I loved ball gowns, ruffles, laces, sequins, bell sleeves and all the other vintage styles that you could name it. That's why I preferred classy as one of my signature style, since it would be impossible to walk in a ball gowns on the street out of nowhere. I just thought that being classy is timeless and would easily fit in just everywhere than vintage.

I had this pink top of mine for years, before I decide to do blogging and bought it in flea market for a really cheap price. I just loved the color and the style, and instantly fell in love to it so I just bought this top without the second thought. It seems like I had this strong pulls for fashion since a long time. For me, my fashion should be unique and details were everything, without being too much of course.

Hope you'll love this style like I do!

Top No Brand
Jeans Connexion
Boots Payless
Bag Palomino

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