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First post in November and hope you guys had a fabulous Halloween this week! So this time I'm going to post about my latest endorsement cloth which is my favorite recently, because this cloth is a jumpsuit ~I've always loved jumpsuit~ and really had this Kylie Jenner's vibe ~with lace and tight shape cutting~.

Recently I've been following her style on Instagram and really inspired by her, because you know that she's a little bit curvy at the bottom ~a.k.a having a plump buttock like her sister~. I thought her style was a little bit suited me well since I've always been curvy ~more like pear shape body~ in my life. I have this regret feeling about me being curvy ~or fat, you could say~ at my teens, but ever since I knew about Kim K and Kylie J, my thought was "I'm lucky with this curve". All I need to do is more exercise to shape my body into healthy pear shape body like her. So you also need to start believing that big boobs with plump buttock girls could be beautiful too. And all you need to do is trained your body to shape a fine line curve.

I know that Kardashians and Jenners family were always have their own controversial life, but one positive thing that I could be thankful about from them was the fact that they're trendsetting the beautiful view of curvy body. Aside from the rumors that Kim's buttock was fake, but what's my problem with it? Mine was real and more girls out there who have big buttock and they need some confidence booster about their body. They need positive views and comments to have confidence and to believe that they're also beautiful, even in a different way from what the world want to see.

I believe that every girls are beautiful and the things they need are only confidence and acceptance, so they could bring out the inner beauty that they've always hold inside. Maybe Katy Pery's song, Firework is the best interpretation about most of us. So have you believe in yourself that you're beautiful no matter what your shape is? Always believe that Diversity makes this world more beautiful and worth to living.. Xoxo~

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