Basically Halloween

It's two weeks after Halloween and I know it's a little bit too late for Halloween's post. But my post isn't about something scary or dress up pictures for Halloween this time. It's only a look which inspired by Halloween, and it also suitable for your fall outfit!

Halloween is always identical with something scary and dark outfit, so.. black is always a preferable one for that night. But since I mostly love monochrome style recently, so I tried to mix and match this monochrome collar top in British style with a pair of jeans and boots. A wide hat would complete the look and it wasn't only suitable for Halloween night, it also perfect for your stroll in the Fall.

And as for the photoshoot's place this time, it took at a park which already decorated with Halloween's ornaments to build the vibe. I was trying to find a place as beautiful as possible to capture the closest thing possible about Halloween as the real one in another country.  I really love this park and you would know why..

Top Details
Jeans Connexion
Boots Payless
Hat Accessorize
• • •  
Makeup, style and concept by yours truly
Photographed by M. M. Tanaya
Place Scientia Square Park

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