Birthday Photo Series ~ LASS

" It's okay to be classy, but never be trashy! "
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Welcome to the fourth concept of my birthday photo series, and we're getting closer to the last concept. This concept was the simplest concept from all others, and most classy.

Like the previous concept, Vixen, this concept's idea also just appeared after I received the sponsorship/endorsed clothes. Since I've always been in love with monochrome look and classy British style, that's why this concept was perfect for me.

I've been in love with classy British style since 2013 when I knew about Eleanor Calder, then I just loved monochrome style since last year. Both of these styles have been one of my guidelines for the entire wardrobe I had and my fashion signature ever since..

Dress Ratu_shopping
Belt Stroberiteen
Boots Payless
Hat Accessorize
Hairclip Hairclipjkt  
Accessories Rilifashop
Soflens Mrstanayashop
Eyelashes Silverswan Lash
Lipstick Mooishe
• • •
Makeup, style and concept by yours truly
Photographed by M. M. Tanaya
Studio Roomio Photostudio

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