Birthday Photo Series ~ GOLDEN GIRL

" Never too old to dream, and never too late to make it come true "
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Finally the last concept of my birthday photo series! Thanks to all readers who has been read out all the posts, all the vendors and sponsors who helped out to make all of these came true. A very special thanks to husband who took all the pictures, my son and sister who helped out on the studio.

This fifth concept was only about how I feel about my birthday and my ages. Despite the fact that I'm way much older, but I still have more dreams to overcome, have much works to do to make my life even more better ~and no regrets of course~. It was like my golden step-stone to even work harder for everything I love and everything that I dream of.

Wishing in my more mature ages, I could do things more meaningful for all around me, my family, ~or maybe for myself~. My family is my everything! They are the ground where I stand, a wall on my back and hands that cares. Love them much ~like I knew~, they also loves me back as much or even much more.. 

I have much wishes this year aside about work, but it also for my family and myself. I do really hope it would be come true in the right time, and I do hope that I could make another interesting birthday photo series next year. Also thanks for followers on my Instagram who has been joined my first giveaway this year. Special thanks to bloggers friends, family and friends who have been help me to spread out the event! I hope I could host another giveaway with more interesting gifts soon and congratulation for the two winners this year! See you in my next birthday photo series and birthday giveaway, then here are the pictures.. Xoxo!

Top Peace Love Pepper
Skirt Korz
Shoes Payless
Hairclip Hairclipjkt
Accessories Rilifashop
Soflens Mrstanayashop
Eyelashes Silverswan Lash
Lipstick Mooishe
• • •  
Makeup, style and concept by yours truly
Photographed by M. M. Tanaya
Studio Roomio Photostudio

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