Birthday Photo Series ~ VIXEN

" You won't realize how much I am worth for, until you come and get me.."
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It's time for the third concept of my birthday photo series which was also my favorite concept! Before anything else, please pardon me for the update delay, because I was a little bit unwell for the past week. Hope you'll be patient for the next update.

Back to the concept's behind the scene, this concept actually a last minutes decision after I received my endorsement package just a day before the photo session day. Fortunately this top was suitable for my whole birthday concept and I love the idea which popped up in my mind right away. Previously, I already prepared a hair piece ~the very first collection and custom-made hair piece from Ageha by aia chan~, and it turned out blend in beautifully with the style I imagined for this concept.

I really want to express a sensual image! A little bit naughty but also a strong will woman. Something like Seductress yet smart. Charming yet a little bit manipulative. A dark beauty that would enchanted the others, but they also should need to be cautious around her in the same time. A temptress!

I really loved all the results! All the accessories was just perfect like I wanted it to be. The top was the main core of the style and the accessories completed all the concept vibe. The all black fashion style was everything to built the atmosphere and the camera could catch my expression and feeling so well at the time. Like I was a Vixen, and I would lure you all to something mysterious and twist beyond your imagination.. 

Top Ratu_shopping 
Belt Stroberiteen 
Boots Payless 
Hairpiece Ageha by aiachan 
Hairclip Hairclipjkt 
Glove Aksesories Pengantin   
Accessories Rilifashop 
Soflens Mrstanayashop 
Eyelashes Silverswan Lash
Lipstick Mooishe 
• • •
Makeup, style and concept by yours truly 
Photographed by M. M. Tanaya 
Studio Roomio Photostudio

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