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New beauty review today, and this time I will share my experience when using Witch's Pouch Color Corrector or usually simply called as CC cream. And as my previous product from Witch's Pouch, I also got this from my latest collaboration with Althea Korea. You could read the story about this in here.

I have used it for over a week until now, on purpose to examine the result on my skin day after day with many various kind of treatments, so I could tell you guys based on my actual experience. And as for the starter, let's talked about the product itself first.

When I first knew about this brand, I straightly fell in love with the brand concept and their packaging design. Then this CC cream has a classic black and white packing that made me fell in love easily, because I love classy and vintage things. And this CC Cream product, as many other Korean brand products was also had SPF50+ PA+++ which my most preferable beauty product remembering my place of living. It claimed to have 6 in 1 function including UV protecting, moisturizing, whitening, anti wrinkle, covering, correcting. Then let's talked about my experience when using this product.

I was getting myself this CC cream in Natural Beige color, which maybe the same as N21 for Korean beauty product tone. When I opened the cap, I found a foil seal to protect the product content. It could easily remove and it's ready to use. When I pushed out the cream, it was in white color at first. Then after I smeared the cream so many times, it would turn into beige. It absorbed quite fast in my skin when applied and not leaving sticky texture on my hands, also it's not too dewy in my face.

These were my conclusion about the 6 in 1 functions that they claimed, after I tried this product. About the UV protecting, well it said it has SPF50++ so that was protected enough for your skin. About moisturizing thing, I didn't feel it clearly because I was used a moisturizing skincare first before applying this CC cream. So I didn't sure for this advantage. As for whitening, I told you it really worked for sure! I was used this CC cream then applied some two way cake powder again as finishing touch and my friends said my face was too white. And I also realized when I looked into the mirror that my face becoming bright white. So if you want natural look, you better don't apply heavy powder after it or you better to use transparent powder. For anti wrinkle, I didn't know for sure either because it need a long term used to know the result. But thing was, this product would help you to prevent wrinkle in early ages. As for correcting and covering, it didn't work for me at all! Because I had a really serious dark spots and dark circles sometimes and it barely covered these up ~Actually up until now, I haven't find any cream to solve this problem without using concealer~.

  • Fun and fresh packing, and young concept  
  • It smells nice
  • Not sticky or too dewy
  • Quite affordable
  • Actually whitening your skin
  • It's not fully covering or correcting my skin
  • Not available in Indonesia yet

So this was my experience when using Witch's Pouch CC cream and hope it could help you to decide what is the best product for you. My overall decision is I like this product quite well and it's good for my everyday use. Later, I will try to record a new youtube video for this product as well asap and I'll notify you once it ready. Meanwhile, I recently checked Zalora Indonesia ~I know it's not beauty related. lol~ and found that Ivy Park now could be purchased at the website! You know this brand right? Right?? It was co-founded by BeyoncΓ©. Yes! The Queen B! So if you're curious or in searching for something sporty, tap my link above asap!

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