Birthday Photo Series ~ WICKED

" You'll be surprise with every mischievous things I had in mind "
 💮 💮 💮

Welcome to my very first Birthday photo series ever! I really want to do something bigger and different from my usual OOTD pictures, so I took my Birthday moment as one of my milestones in this blogging journey and hope I could offer more interesting projects in the future.

Firstly, I was just thinking about one photo concept. But later, it turned out to be five concept in total. It's really thanks to all endorsers who offered me more clothes and accessories in last minutes preparation, so all the concept's result were very satisfying!

My first concept in this post was a theme called "WICKED", because I was thinking about something dark but beautiful, it's alluring yet dangerous and you couldn't play with it. I was inspired from something like a dark witch outfit for this concept at first ~even I was thinking to buy Harry Potter's wand! lol~, and it was really hard to create and visualize this concept from my mind into real life figure.

I tried to prepare the closest thing I thought about a witch-kind-of-things in the past weeks, and I could say it's 80% close from the concept I've imagined. From the black outfit, wide hat and bloody red lipstick, everything just vizualized a Wicked Witch in my mind. Even without a hat on, she could be so charming and all!

Top Chic & Simple
Skirt Details
Sandals Cardinal
Hat Accessorize
Hairclip Hairclipjkt
Gloves Aksesoris Pengantin
Accessories Rilifashop
Soflens Mrstanayashop
Eyelashes Silverswan Lash
Lipstick Mooishe
• • •  
Makeup, style and concept by yours truly
Photographed by M. M. Tanaya
Studio Roomio Photostudio

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