Summer Butterfly

It's nearly middle of May and I could feel Summer already! It's so close till I decided to give you Summer outfit inspiration on this post. And fyi, my Summer outfit was representing my country's culture so you wouldn't see me in bikinis anytime soon. ~lol~

So last week I was going to Ancol Beach in North Jakarta. Although it was rainy from morning till noon there, but in the evening the sun shone brightly. I took this picture just a little bit after the rain, so the place was wet all over. I need to find a spot that a little bit dry to stand and took some pictures there.

Summer meant you could wear thin clothes because the of heat, so this tribal top with open back was my current favorite beach outfit. Very comfortable that you could feel barely wore nothing, ~but don't you forget to cover your skin with sunblock~.

This comfy outfit was suitable for a stroll in the sand while enjoying the Summer breeze caress your skin and blow your hair all the way, or simply watched the sea from the deck like me in these pictures. Also more accessories would be better for your Summer if you have plenty of them, so be ready to hunt and stock up!

Top Forever21
Pants @beeshopgalley
Shoes Cardinal
Temporary Tattoo @lolitattoo

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