Elegant in Batik

Hi, as I promised two posts in a week, so here we go..

This is the outfit that I wore when I was going to do a shopping spree at Debenhams, Senayan City last week. This outfit was also the one that I wore on Chinese New Year back then at February. At the time, I also promised to do separate photo session about that outfit for the complete look. So here they are.

This was one of a kind modern Batik that I had. The fabric was Batik but the dress' design was so modern. It had deep V-Neck design and split skirt like a Kimono. So simple yet so chic, elegant  and remarkable. This dress has made the new impression that Batik could be also look so Luxurious, far from the old image that Batik should be always looked formal and old fashioned.

Dress Elfas
Shoes FLD
Belt Stroberi

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