A long waiting review is finally here..!! So sorry for postponed the review during my sickness, and now when I'm getting better, I will update two posts in a week as an amend! ^^

As you have known that I was a Beta Tester for an E-Commerce named Althea Korea (I already updated about this sponsorship also in my previous post), which now the web store already run smoothly and ready to serve all customers in Indonesia. During the sponsorship, I was given IDR 600k credit points to shop at their store. So on this opportunity, I instantly chose to order a cushion which I already wanted to try for so long.

After a few research, I found out that this IOPE Air Cushion XP was the second best recommendation cushion with more affordable price. And it has two type of cushions, which were Natural and Cover, then I chose to order the Natural one with shade N21. Until today, I've been using this product over a week and after experience all the results, I could say that I'm quite satisfied with it.

The result was really Natural as its claim! It meant, it has a very low coverage ~so if you wanted high coverage for your skin, you better choose the Cover type~, and it's not cakey. It's really dewy, but because I didn't a fan of dewy look as much as the other people did, so I added a small amount of powder again atop of it ~I used it as a foundation~.

It's not sweat-proof! So when I was sweating, it would cause my skin color looks uneven. But it did last up to eight hours if I was not sweating, so I didn't need to touch up during the time. The product itself claimed the effect would long-lasting up to 12 hours, but I always touched up before eight hours or so. This cushion could be applied as Sunscreen also with SPF50+, so as for me, this product was quite necessary because I lived in tropical island.

The one interesting thing for me was, the puff would give a cool feeling when it touched my skin and I found it refreshing. So I loved to touch up with this cushion ~even though I didn't really need to~, just to refresh my skin from the heat. What a relieve I got this product right now! ;)

When you order this cushion, you will get one complete set of cushion plus one refill. So no need to worry if you run out of content because it already has a back up stock. I don't really know how long the cushion could be use, but I usually emptied my compact powder around three or four months, so I hope this cushion would last longer.

this is what you get
the sealing for the content
its content
when I pressed its puff onto the cushion
the shade N21 on my hand
the shade after I blended it with its puff
 the shade blended perfectly on my hand, so I think I have chose the correct shade for me :)

  • Beautiful packing
  • Makeup base, Foundation and Sunscreen product all in one
  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin
  • Dewy look skin like Korean girls
  • Long-lasting
  • Not sweat-proof
  • Not available in Indonesia yet
  • Price a little bit high than other brands which available in Indonesia's stores
 Me when using IOPE Air Cushion XP

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