90s Flashback

Okay, after pending a little bit too long due to my long weekend holiday this week, so now it's time to share story about the newest and funnest place in town ;)

Its name was 90s Flashback, a new hangout place in Tangerang with the new concept you might like. As its name, this place would make you feel nostalgic with everything we've ever played or ate around '90. You could find the popular Coklat Ayam Jago (Rooster Chocolate) in here and Coklat Payung (Umbrella Chocolate). And as for the games, you could find Tetris, Bekel, Congklak, Monopoly, UNO and many more popular games in our teens ('90 teens I meant).

The playful decoration and seating design would absolutely make you feel comfortable when enjoying your time in here with family or friends. It was also a great place to meet up with old pals (reuni), because it had large capacity for many customers.

As for foods and beverages, it didn't have too many variety menus. Most of the menus were the improvement and variation of Indomie and Roasted Breads, then the others were just simple menus like Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, etc.

This place was a good choice if you wanted to spend a 'normal' fun times with your loved ones. It's a place where you could put down your phone a while and have some fun interaction with other people in real life. Forget your 'digital' life for a while, because we ~the 90s generation~ were had the most happiest era before all gadgets and media platforms came along then invaded our life, and you could revive a bit of those happy memories in this place.. 

Overall Rate
Food   3.5/5
Place  4.5/5
Price   3.5/5

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