How to Style a Jogger

Hi guys, after vacant for a month, I finally could update my blog. Sorry for the long wait because I was occupied with my recent endorsements and event, then after I finalize everything, now I have more time to manage my blog.

If you notice a little change of my blog, I already got my blog a customized domain as a form of my commitment and professional intention for my blogging life. I thank you for all the readers and my medias’ followers for your support along the way. Right now I want to give you some tips to style your Jogger pants. I got few Joggers from endorsements recently and I would like to share to you how to keep you stylish with only a pairs of pants. So let’s go to the details..

I realized that with a pairs of Jogger we could get three kind of different styles, and I would explain about how to get these styles:

1. Sporty Style
It was the easiest style you got by using a Jogger pants. The pants itself already sporty enough, so you just need to add something sporty top like t-shirt or sport bra and sneakers to complete the style. You could also use a hat as accessorize for this look. As for me, I was using sport bra then covered it with lace outer to create a little bit sexy-sporty look. Then because I didn't want it to look too sporty, I used my gladiator sandals instead of sneakers as you could see in my pictures below.

2. Semi Formal-Casual Style
Did you ever confuse about what to wear in an events when you would meet your elders or much relatives? Or did you have informal meeting with your clients and dunno how to impress without seen too much? You didn't want to use too formal attire but still need to look polite and professional. Then Jogger pants was a solution for you! You just need to match it with your favorite shirt, then you're ready to go. This Jogger pants ~this sporty pants~ was incredibly possible and looked great even with a formal top as you could see in my pictures below. I was using a white shirt atop of my black Jogger with gladiator sandals and added a black clutch to complete the look.

3. Feminine Style
The other thing which surprised me was also because this Jogger could be matched with heels! So it was possible for you to create a girly or feminine style with this pants and a pair of your favorite heels. I was using white lace top for the feminine vibe with my blue jeans Jogger then using my nude heels with matchy sling bag. It totally looked great together and gone the sporty image of this pants as you could see in my pictures below.


It still amazed me how this pants could be use in many different style and still looked good and so stylish.. Now this pants were a part of my daily fashion life because its comfortable feel and its fashionable way which made this pants were so useful in every occassion that I need to attend. So, I really really recommended you to have this pants inside your closet from now on!

Let me know what do you think and comments below :)

Sport Bra Sorex
Lace Outer Hollister.co
White Shirt Forever21
White Blouse St. Yves
Purple Jogger endorsed by @beeshopgalley
Black and Blue Jogger endorsed by @deadly_gorgeous

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