Coachella Weekends

Coachella weekends have ended, but I'm sure it still left many memorable and pleasant memories to all those people who could attend the event this year. I believe there were so many talks, funny jokes, fun moments, cool activities that caused much happiness and laughs at Coachella. And these were the things that made this event even more special and precious in every hearts.

As for me and some other girls (or boys) who unfortunately could never had a chance to attend Coachella until this year, we're still admiring and excited when the time has finally come. Even if we could only know the story of the event from many medias' live feeds.

My most favorite outfits at Coachella this year ~as always as previous years also~ were coming from Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens ~the Boho Queen~. I admired their style so much till I wish I could do some of their fashion inspirations! Guess I would start from Vanessa's style as my bucket list then. Hahaa..

As for my favorite brand which attended this event, my pick would be ~definitely and surely~ Revolve! I loved most of their collections and I did wish that I could have some of them. Unfortunately, the shipping fee for overseas package was too expensive for me, so this brand has become my must-have-wishlist for someday in the future.

Back to blog's talk, because I still couldn't had a chance to attend Coachella ~like ever~, so I was participating with my outfit inspiration as if I ever could go to that event. Below were my two outfits inspiration for weekend one and weekend two, and let me know what do you think. Oh, how about your Coachella outfit? :)

First outfit
Playsuit Decree
Ankle Boots Payless

Second outfit
Ankle Boots custommade

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