Hello, I'm really sorry for the long pending post!

So, if you're my Instagram followers, I already posted why this update was delayed and now I'm going to fullfil my promise about sharing my first shopping experience at Sale Stock Indonesia.

Some of you might already noticed about this web store, ~since their promotion was quite big~, the promotion was everywhere and they offered low price for all their goods. I knew this web store since last year then decided to try to order goods from them. Actually, I did the purchase last year, but I just had a chance to shot this top around last month.

To shorten the story, I was interested to try their COD term payment, which meant your order was delivered to your door then you paid to their courier. So it's really efficient because you didn't need to transfer the payment. Because I, sometimes, when I did online shopping, forgot to transfer the payment and it made my goods' delivery schedule was delayed. It's really a hard time for me, moreover when I need the goods urgently.  But with Sale Stock Indonesia, you didn't need to worry about your goods would be delay anymore!

I was purchasing thru their web for this Tangerine Sabrina Lace and you guessed what, the price was very low! This top was below 100k and quite good enough ~because money didn't lie for what you got~. I wouldn't say the top was great but, as for the goods that you purchased below 100k, this top was good! The quality was equaled with the money you spent.

Beside the efficiency of their COD term payment, the other profit from this web store was that you could return your goods if it was damaged, the size was not right and if I remembered it well, they offered the return also for the goods that you didn't like or not what you're expecting for. So generous right? When the other online shops wouldn't allow to return the goods, but they did the otherwise!
Their goods points after I purchased my goods were:
  • An easy purchasing procedure 
  • Quick delivery (I received the goods before a week)
  • The return policy for customers' satisfication
  • COD term payment (for you who sometimes forgot or didn't have time to transfer payment)

Here's the look of my top from Sale Stock Indonesia :)

Top Sale Stock Indonesia
Jeans Connexion
Shoes Payless
Belt Pull and Bear 

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