The Treasure

Hi guys, sorry for the wait and here is my Valentine's Day experience at The Treasure, Serpong.

I found this restaurant when I was browsing my Instagram to search for a good place to spend Valentine's Day. Few nominated restaurant was came up on my mind like The Duck King, Song Fa Bakut Teh or Pancious. Then I found this place by coincidence and I liked a few shots of the interior in there so I finally decided to try it out.

The front side of this restaurant has nothing special because it's a ruko. But once you got inside this place, you could feel the romantic vibe. From wallpaper, chandelier, and the tables setting. This restaurant divided into two floors. The lower floor was for regular customers and the up floor was for VIP or Reservation customers for events purpose.

Frankly speaking this restaurant was a little bit small if you expected something spacious and glamour, but the place was quite comfortable to spend time with your loved ones or family. So, because of this restaurant only served customers on the lower floor, then I suggested you to book your table first before arrive in here. Because as I told you, it's not really spacious so there's a chance you wouldn't get the table and were in waiting list.

Honestly, I, myself didn't book any table in the first place because I was arrived when the restaurant's starting to open  at lunch time, so it's not really crowded. My selected menu that day were Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with "Heart Shape" Hard Boiled Egg, Italian Beef Lasagna, and Half Pork Ribs. And as for the drinks we ordered Beers to cheer up the day :)

The Grilled Chicken was good but there's nothing special in the seasoning, its taste was flat and because I wasn't a person who into salad, so I thought it won't be my food preference in the future. It's different with Italian Beef Lasagna, because I was a pasta lover to be honest, so this menu was totally my favorite! It's so cheesy and the texture was fine. It's almost like melting inside your mouth. The third menu was Pork Ribs but we requested to add Jack Daniel's atop the food, so you can taste a little bit alcohol flavor when you ate it. The seasoning was standard and as for us, hubby and I, we thought the Pork Ribs that we ate in Bali was still our most delicious Pork Ribs.

Overall, it still a good place to dine, with good foods, drinks and dessert. It has a great ambience for couple, but family would enjoy their time too in here. So, don't forget to give it a try and stop by! Xoxo 
The Front Side
VIP Room for Events Purpose
Lower floor for Regular Customers
Menu Book
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with "Heart Shape" Hard Boiled Egg
Half Pork Ribs with Jack Daniel's
Italian Beef Lasagna 

Overall Rate
Food    3.5/5
Place       4/5
Price       3/5

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