Winter is going to end and Spring is coming soon! So it's time for S/S fashion style inspirations on my blog..

Actually in my living country, we're only have two seasons, because it's a tropical island. But, in order to reach out the worldwide readers, I will present my style as a four seasons fashion, with still keep my style from out of place I was and maybe with a slight tropical vibe ;)

This time I was using a little bit more revealing outfit from any previous outfits before it. I decided to start my S/S fashion post from this outfit so it really has the Summer vibe in it. I was using a sport bra then covered it with lace outer, then complete it with jogger pants and gladiator shoes.

I was quite happy because it's the first time for me to explore another style outside from my usual fashion taste ~which was circling around classy, simple, elegant and girly~. This time I could show some sporty side of me, and I'm kinda love this outfit and fine with this new style.

So check these out! Xoxo :)

Sport Bra Sorex
Outer Hollister.co
Pants BeeshopGalley
Shoes Cardinal

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