White Christmas

First post in this early January, Happy New Year to all!!

So the new thing I posted here was about my new outfit for Christmas. Many people related Christmas with Green or Red colors, but there's some other people too who also related it with White color like I did. White was one of my favorite color, beside Pink, Navy and Brown, and I want to relate this outfit with White Christmas that we usually heard the phrase outside the country.

White Christmas was a condition when it's snowing all day on Christmas day, then it made all the streets or buildings were all white all around. I thought it was a beautiful scenery and I ~personally~ really wanted to experience about it someday. So to fulfill a little bit of my desire about this White Christmas, I wore a pure white dress on Christmas day and took pictures in front of a white cafe entrance for this blog post.

How do you think about it?

Dress Eva Mendes
Shoes Lawrence

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