Halloween Day and Night

Sorry it's a little bit too long to post about my last Halloween trip, while now the Christmas is near. I just need to arrange my blog posting schedules for all my articles and this content just had its schedule this week. I hope after this month everything will go back to normal and no article will be pending too long.

Back to my last Halloween trip story, I was going to the most popular theme park in Jakarta, which was Dunia Fantasi or used to be called DUFAN. It was in Ancol, North Jakarta and quite far from my home. So usually I went to this place just once a year or after some years sometimes.

For you guys who likes Adrenalin challenge, this place was the right spot for you. You could take so many fast heart-beating rides and it would definitely make you scream your fear out. I took almost all the challeging ride there, and I'll try to upload some videos about some rides I took there later, below the pictures.

I was arrived and started to play in Dufan at noon and just went home when the place's going to close down. The different thing I saw there than my previous visit was the parade! Because it's Halloween, so they celebrate it with Masquerade and they're parading around the theme park area. Most of the people was disguised as scary characters as far as I could see them.

It's such a memorable event and I was lucky that I could captured the moments, because it was my first time to see the Halloween parade in here, in my country. Well, so it's quite the ~latest~ best trip I had after my Bali trip and I hope I could do some travels more and presented you guys with more pictures of my journey. Then below is my Halloween trip pictures.. :)

The Theme Park Icon named Dufan
The Entrance
My witchy Outfit Of The Day for Halloween
Hello Kitty Space Ship
Inside the ship
Pilot Hello Kitty
Co-Pilot Mimi
Beautiful Lanterns at night
The Masquerades' parading around the area

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