Hello all gorgeous ladies!! Here it is the last post for my blogging journey on 2015, and it turns out to be a review post about my current beauty kits.

Recently, me and my friends have bought a new lashes product named Ellash, ~you can order yours here~. Then, after I tried out two different lash types and saw the results, I decided to write a short review on this blog. It's actually more like the story of my experience when using this lashes. So here we go..

Ellash has three type of lashes, which were natural (light), middle and thick lashes. And I chose two different types of lash which were natural (light) and thick. As for the natural or light type, I was choosing Cassie and as for the thick type, I was choosing Beatrix for parties purpose.

The first lash I used was Beatrix, because a few days after the goods arrived, I need to attend my best friend wedding party. So I decided to use the new lash instead my usual lash product. The packing for Ellash was so catchy. It's white, simple and classy! You just need to push the side of the box to take out the lashes, and each box already included one small bottle of transparent glue.

The transparent glue was quite good enough and it could hold the lashes over from five hours when I used it. Both lashes was quite soft and very long. The lashes' bands were so flexible and it's easy to bend to follow my eyelids. It also felt so light in my eyes after I applied them. I was using them in hours, but there's no itchy feeling in the eyes and there's no single tears drop out ~because there's no tired eyes or itchy eyelids~. It's so comfortable like your own lashes ~especially the natural type one~ and I'm sure the glue was guaranteed safe, because I have no irritation after I used it two times in a row.

If you're a beginner and you wanna use false lash for the first time, I recommended you to choose the natural type first. And I recommended this Brand, because the glue was included, so it have more advantage as a starter kit for a beginner. And the other advantage from this Brand is... their products are so affordable!! So it's very convenience for the beginners who still doubt their self if they could use false lash or not. So at least, they can learn to use false lash with Brand first. And of course, don't you worry because this lashes was reusable around four or five times for your trials and errors ;)

The only miss point from this Brand is about the Box. The box is not thick enough to cover and protect the lashes, so sometimes if you're ordering it via online, then you will receive that the box is not in shape anymore or broken. Others than that, as long as you receive the lashes are not in damaged, Ellash is really a good Brand for you!

Enough for story-telling and below is my looks with both Beatrix and Cassie.

It was when I used Beatrix for a wedding party

 It was when I used Cassie for Christmas day

Makeup and Styling all by me. And here's a little bit bonus of my OOTD on the wedding party :)

Dress Korz
Shoes Lawrence

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