Bali Adventure Day 3

The last part of my Bali trip story!

It was my third day in Bali which meant it was the last day to adventure Bali and visit some places before going home in the afternoon tomorrow.

So this time, we went a little bit far to the south of the island, but before we started the journey, we had lunch first at Warung Sunset (Specialist Iga Bakar) in Sunset Road. All the foods we had were so delicious and the Iga Bakar was so recommended! Then we were going to Krisna, a kind of department store for souvenirs from Bali, it was so huge and almost what you need were all here with reasonable price than any other places in Bali. We brought so many things for home tomorrow!

After almost two hours shopping, finally we started the journey to the south. Our first stop was Garuda Wisnu Kencana! It was a beautiful place and meant to be a historical place in Bali. The place was so huge! Still under construction and not complete yet after years. It place was up in the hills with cliffs surround its area, and there's so many statues there about Garuda and Wisnu.

Here is the pictures when I was there!

 Garuda Wisnu Story
 The Gate and Cliff
 Lotus Pond
 Garuda Wisnu Statue
 Optical Illusion
 My Boy..

After finishing to look around this site, we continued the journey further South to Uluwatu and we're going up again. We visited Uluwatu Temple (Pura Uluwatu) and going to watch the popular  Kecak Dance (Tari Kecak) at sunset. This temple was built above the cliffs, so you could see the horizon sea around the temple area. It's such a magnificent place!

 Waiting for Sunset
 Inner Uluwatu Temple up in the cliff
 My two in one outfit that day
 Last sunset in Bali

So, that's a wrap! It was my most beautiful and memorable journey this year and I hope there will be more to come later. Even though I'm already home for over a month but sometime I still miss Bali and the feel of being home in there. I had left my heart on that island for sure! And I'm so willing to come back again soon. Till my next memorable visit then, Bali!

My outfit and accessories during Day 3 adventure are from: 
Dress mrstanayashop
First Outer Hollister.co
Second Outer Harusaki
Boots Zalora
Nail Stickers Nailed.id
Temporary Tattoo Biggerbucks 

Styling and Makeup by yours truly
Photographed by one and only hubby
Soflens sponsored by mrstanayashop


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