Bali Adventure Day 2

Finally after a long wait, here it is my second day story at Bali..

In my previous post, I've told you that this trip was to celebrate our Fifth Wedding Anniversary in the early of October. It's really a lovely journey for our family and of course a memorable one. But still, I couldn't get enough of Bali and really want to come back again asap!

On this second day which also the exact day of our anniversary date, we were going to Ubud area! Firstly, we got lunch at Babi Guling Bu Oka in Ubud which already popular among Bali's visitors for its delicious taste. The place is actually comfy and not too crowded, also the traditional Bali interior was really on the point at the restaurant. The taste was good especially for the sambal. It's so delicious and spicy!

After lunch we were going straight to the Monkey Forest which not to far away from the restaurant. The forest was so beautiful, so green and very clean. Its area was so big and really was a beautiful nature. The monkeys were so civilized if I could say it. They were not cranky or naughty, in fact the were so calm and cute. They loved to be feed by the visitors with bananas.

Here they are the pictures..

 Inside the Forest
 a Fish Pond
 Feeding Monkey
Mother and Child

As for the second and third places we were visiting Ubud Palace in the center of Ubud, then Saraswati Temple which not far from it. I was expected to see the famous Lotus of Saraswati Temple, but apparently only few lotus blossomed on my visit. It's really not a good timing :(

 Ubud Palace
 Saraswati Temple
Starbucks near Saraswati Temple

After took some pictures there, we rested a while at the nearest Starbuck inside Saraswati Temple area then going home for Dinner. And because it's our anniversary date and a special day, we wanted one memorable family dinner. So that's why we visited Biku, one of fancy restaurants in Seminyak and ordered some wines to celebrate. Cheers for us!

My outfit and accessories during Day 2 adventure are from: 
Dress H & M
Nail Stickers Nailed.id
Temporary Tattoo Biggerbucks
Beach Hat Secret Garden

Styling and Makeup by yours truly
Photographed by one and only hubby
Soflens sponsored by mrstanayashop


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