Bali Adventure Day 1

First part of my Travel Diary to Bali!

On the early of this October, I was on my first trip to Bali with my family in order to celebrate our Fifth Wedding Anniversary there. We were expecting to make a most memorable Wedding Anniversary than the previous ones. So the preparation was already begun since six months earlier to arrange tickets and hotel while I just made the Itinerary on the last week before our flight. Fortunately, everything turned out good (with the help of our catered driver who also like a tour guide), and we were so happy and enjoying our week in Bali.

I have booked our hotel at Grand Mas Hotel in Seminyak area, and one of the advantages of this hotel is it's so near to Seminyak Beach which only need around five minutes to get there. So I could enjoy the beach whenever I like and inside the hotel room, we also could hear the sound of waves at night when we're going to sleep which was so calming. I have the best sleep ever in there.

Continue to write about our adventure (or journey) for the first full day we had in Bali, we're visited three places. But first thing in the morning was we ate breakfast at Sea Circus before started our day, and took some pictures there.

In front of Sea Circus

First place to visit is Taman Ayun (Ayun Park) in Mengwi, Badung. Our visit here was so short and I even didn't get to the very inside (deeper) of temple, because the weather is so hot and I couldn't stand the heat. But fortunately, we still had few pictures in that place. Here you go..

 The outside entrance
 My Cutie Pie son
 In front of the temple entrance
 Cutie Pie again..

So the next place we visited was Ulun Danu Bratan, Candi Kuning in Bedugul, Tabanan. The place was so beautiful and the view to the lake was magnificent. I was in this place quite long and took so many pictures. Here you go some of them..

The views!
 Watching the beautiful view
 Beautiful beyond compare!
 Daddy and son
 How happy he is!

The Temples and Holy Places!
The Lake Views!

Last picture before going to the next place! 

And finally, the last place to visit was Tanah Lot, Beraban, Tabanan. This place was well known as The Sunset Terrace because of the beautiful sunset view in this area. Too bad that I was arrived in a cloudy day  and even worst, it's raining!! So I didn't have much pictures there and I couldn't see the sunset! I definitely will come again as soon as possible to make up for my unfortunate visit this year. Some pictures even looked so dark..

The famous Tanah Lot's Temple!

After our adventure on this Day 1, we finally closed the day with watching the night sea while grabbed some drinks at D'Joglo Beach Bar and Restaurant. It's so beautiful! It's so romantic and simply full with 'go with the flow' feeling that night. It was enjoyable and I could say, what a day! And it's even just our first day adventure in Bali. I will post another adventure next week for sure! Xoxo - aia

My outfit and accessories during Day 1 adventure are from:
Outer Top 61 Clothing
Bag Palomino
Sunnies Dior
Nail Stickers Nailed.id
Temporary Tattoo Biggerbucks
Beach Hat Secret Garden

Styling and Makeup by yours truly
Photographed by one and only hubby
Soflens sponsored by mrstanayashop


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