Hello, new post with the upcoming season theme..

Fall will begin soon, together with the school time. That's why I updated one of school or college outfit inspiration on my previous post. Fall is one of my favorite season because of its beautiful colors leaves, and the comfort feeling I got from seeing the scenery. It couldn't be expressed beyond any words and beautiful is just too simple to describe it.

As far Fall, my favorite item is Boots, especially Ankle Boots. Right now I have two pairs of Boots but it's in the same color Brown, which is the color of the season.

I usually wore girly or feminine outfit and this time I wore knitting top and tailed-skirt, all in Beige color. But now it's time to make a little bit different look with complete this outfit with Brown Ankle Boots instead of Heels to match the season.

I'm kinda satisfied with the result and a little clutch with two-tone colors, Beige and Brown, will also sweeten the total look of me. How do you think? :)

Top Ingni
Skirt Old Navy
Shoes Pretty For Less
Clutch Topshop

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