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Mystical Night

All in Black outfits this time..

The benefit of wearing Black is that you could create slimmer-illusion from your actual curve and It's really an advantage side for me actually.

This time, I'm re-styling my pattern top from my previous post, White Rose. I was re-styling it from Elegant-Feminine style into Casual-Chic style.

Previously, I was styling the outfits to suitable for romantic dinner with lover or night party with girl-friends. And right now, I'm styling it for relaxing-stroll or window shopping time.

The top was matched with Black Jeans and Heels. Then my new Brenton bag in Black from Palomino has made my look more sophisticated here. I got this bag as a treat from me to myself for my upcoming birthday in the end of this month.

I named this post with Mystical Night was because all the lamp lights in the park where I took these pictures have made a blurry colorful light around me and shadowing my figure with it. It has enchanting colors when I saw it and looked mystical somehow. And I really love the pictures because it's just something different from my usual shots and these pictures were taken at night too. Not the kinda picture concept that I usually have.

Here they are the current outfits I wore..

Top Linea Donatella
Jeans Connexions
Shoes fld
Bag Palomino

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