College Girl

Hello, first post in August!!

Since the school time is coming soon, so I have an idea to post this outfit for school or college days inspiration. This outfit is not too formal and not too revealing also. So perfect for your first day at school/college, especially when you are a new student. Because first impression is always the key to build your image for the next years ahead (If you want a safe  school days, I'm just saying).

So I wore this grey casual-blazer with butterfly print on top my white blouse, and grey jeans. I complete it with brown ankle boots, remembering the fall season is near and boots are definitely will 'on' again. Beside brown color is never out of style for fall (it match the maple leaves tbh). Actually brown boots are also my favorite and my all-the-time footwear on this season.

Here is some of the outfit pictures :)

Top St. Yves
Jeans Connexions
Blazer Details
Boots Pretty For Less

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