Summer Feeling

Hello all,

Last week I was going to swimming pool for a family trip. We went to Palm Bay Waterpark to be exact, so I decided to bring up Summer style this time.

Even though it's not officially Summer yet, but the preparations and the trend in must be in advance for people references. And as for me, a light summer dress is one of a must have items, like the one I had here..

Summer doesn't always mean for Bikinis (even though Bikinis are always perfect for beach time). For me, Summer is when you can wear more thin fabrics and layering skirt or maxi dress, so when you feel the Summer wind's blowing on your skirt and hair, that's when Summer bring you the feeling of Freedom. A feeling to enjoy every moments that it's offering to you, whether it's beach time, or swimming at pool or only to watch sunset from the bridge. Anyway it is, Summer always has the feeling of freedom or free time for me. A time to enjoy my every moments and living what I got right now.

So what is Summer meaning for you?

Dress Faded Glory
Sunglasses Dior

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