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As promised, new review about my experience while using  lashes from Lavie Lash is here..

Last time I bought three kind of lashes from Lavie Lash which is Fawn, BlueBell and Athena. I have used Fawn and Bluebell before and decided to review about BlueBell because I'm in love with the natural look of this lashes.

The first time I saw the lashes, I was surprise with the super thin band for both Fawn and BlueBell. Because I have used another lashes brand before and found the band was a little bit thick, so I need some more time to bend and apply the lashes. But with Lavie Lash, the lashes were easy to bend and following my eyelid perfectly. It made the application of this lashes is so easy and fast.

The reason why I love BlueBell beside it looked natural when it applied, was because I also love the slight natural curl on this lashes. The lashes were so cute I thought and the point where it was easy to apply make me in love with this brand some more.

I had a hard time to choose the lashes type on their web before because they provide many cute and beautiful lashes type, and I also have the feeling want to try them all. So maybe I will buy another type of lashes after I knew that this lashes were easy to apply and looked so beautiful also. It's definitely my favorite lashes brand right now.

So here is my pictures when I used BlueBell :)

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