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Hey guys, so new post again here and finally a beauty post (at last..) ^^

Herewith, I'll give you my cosmetics details from my previous shoot for Coachella post. Hope you'll find it inspiring and will help you to decide the best products for your daily make up.

It's the first time I used Dolly Wink's products by Koji and I'm quite impressed with the results, especially the liquid eyeliner. It has a very sharp and flexible brush point, so it will make you easier to create a very thin eye line and a sharp turn for cat eye look. But you also need to extra careful when applying this because sometimes the sharp point of the product will make a split end for your cat eye liner. Just applied it slowly to make sure the end of the line is perfect ;)

As for the brow pencil, also from Dolly Wink, I chose shade number 2. It's not too brown or too blonde and it will make a natural eyebrows look. But the first impression when I used it was the texture of pencil point was too hard and a little bit hurt to apply. Anyway, that's my first used, maybe second and later will be better :)

So here is my make up result..

Make up Details:
Brow Koji Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil shade 2
Eye Shadow Naked 3, Urban Decay (Darkside, Nooner, Buzz, Dust)
Upside Eyes Liner Koji Dolly Wink Eyeliner Liquid Deep Black
Downside Eyes Liner Oriflame Very me Mocha Loca, Very Me Soft Kajal Simply Black
Mascara Oriflame The One 5 in 1 Wonder Lash Mascara Black Brown
Blusher Oriflame Very Me Cherry My Cheeks Sweet Coral
Bronzing Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Powder Clear
Lipstick Maybelline Are You Red-dy

So that's it! Happy Make up-ing.. ^^

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