Windy Day

Hi guys,

So last week I just finally went to Bay Walk mall Pluit, North Jakarta (yeaahh..).
I know it's a little bit late but I'm not living in Jakarta so Bay Walk is quite far for me. Very sorry for the down-to-date info for places I've been into ;p
And the part that I love the most for this mall is the bay/deck, where you can see the horizon sea in front of you. But because of the cloudy sky and the bay/deck section just opened at 5pm, so unfortunately that my pictures there kinda dark and blurry.
My apologies.. ~.~

So here we go the pictures :)

The wind is ruining my hair :'(
Okay, I'm trying to make cute pose but failed miserably

Looking far far away for my dreams..

Jumpsuit from Eustacia & Co
Boots was custom-made
Clutch Hermes

And I also took picture of my hubby there. Thanks for accompanied me and took pictures dear.. :D 

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