A Happy Birthday!

I was celebrating my birthday on August 30th last month. A happy 26 years being alive and grateful for all the thing I had or things I did. Always loved the journey of my life which making me the way I am and where I stand right now. I know right that I couldn't thank God enough for everything~

My birthday was being spent with my family. We're dinner and hang out together that day and herewith my make up details for my biggest moment in a year! I quite made a big different make up in eyes details this time. I was trying to create a cat eyes as extreme as I could ~to create an extreme Asian look for my eye~, and I thought it's not bad as a first try. Scroll down to see all my make up details ~including the lashes I used~ and the complete photoshots!

Psstt.. I took the pictures by myself, so sorry if it's not in a good angle.. ~.~

 The Progress

 Make up Details :
  • Pixy Colors of Delight: Sorrel Brown 02
  • Naked 3 (Urban Decay): Strange, Darkside, Burnout
  • Pixy Eyebrow Pencil Brown
  • Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo Black
  • Oriflame Smooth Definer Black
  • Lipice Lipbalm Strawberry
  • Maybelline Lipstick Are You Red-dy
  • Fablashes_ID in #F0005

Here is the complete Photoshoot



(: Glad to hear your words :)