Elegant Brown

Just did a new experiment with my Naked 3 again. This time I was using brown color theme ~again~ to make an Elegant look for a wedding party. I also used another fake lashes from Fablashes ID which have more intens lashes to make more dramatic effect.

I really wish that I could make a tutorial to create this look step by step so my blog post will more useful than this, but I really don't have much supporting kits and spare time to make this wish come true. So in another time, maybe I could fulfill this wish of mine but in the mean time, hope you'll enjoy my blog..

Thank you~


Make up Details:
  • Naked 3 (Urban Decay): Darkside, Trick, Buzz, Burnout
  • Pixy Eyebrow Pencil Brown
  • Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo Black
  • Oriflame Lipstick Red Devotion
  • Fablashes ID in F0005

Here is the complete Photoshoot


(: Glad to hear your words :)