Earth Tone

Good day! Presenting new creation with Naked 3!

As I promised, I would explore few color themes using this one and only palette Naked 3! This time I preferred natural color such as Brown  ~It's actually one of my favorite color on Fashion~ and bring out elegance vibe with this.

I combined many colors on my eyes to get the look and shaded my nose. I also used fake lashes this time to add dramatic effect on my eyes. It's the first time I used so many combination colors for eyes and it turned out quite good! I'll definitely  try another color themes later or should I make a tutorial for it??

The Progress

 The finish look when I have applied all colors on my eyes and put on the fake lashes ;)

This is when I just put eyeshadow only on my right eye so you could see the different :)

Make up Details:
  • Naked 3 (Urban Decay); Trick, Nooner, Buzz, Darkside, Mugshot
  • Pixy Eyebrow Pencil Brown
  • Lipice Lipbalm Strawberry
  • Maybelline Are You Red-Dy Lipstick

Here is the complete Photoshoot

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