Brown with Leopard

Hello Everyone,

I'm so sorry that I am so late to post my last outfits pictures. But here they are!

I'm using my husband's tshirt which he got as a give from Singapore. I kinda like it and decided to borrow it. So the idea is simple as usual and I'm pretty excited to see the result.

The pictures taken by my husband and I asked for few candid pictures too then he did it. I've also posted this outfits on Instagram and got some good responses -You can check my Instagram account, aia_chan88-, even though it's not featured by some Indonesian outfits accounts.

So you know what, I'm pretty proud for my OOTD's result even 'the accounts' didn't consider me yet. After all, I did what I love and it's fun! No matter what they thought of me..

Xoxo - aia

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