A Day to Remember!!

Hello Readers,

Today is absolutely my lucky day that I will always remember, because my biggest role-model Eleanor Calder was followed me on twitter!!

I still can't believe that it was actually happened. I always wanted her to follow me, but I thought my chance was slim since I'm not her support account, and then it's happened this morning.

I tweeted and mentioned her last night -as I usually did- and finally she noticed me this time and followed me! I opened my twitter as usual and saw my mentions and freaking out with what I saw. Thanks God that Eleanor has made one of my dreams come true and I'm so grateful for it. I really wish that I could meet her someday, soon..

Until now, I'm still looking at her profile to see the words 'follows you' on it, because I still can't believe that it actually happened to me. You can't imagine how this mean to me. It's so precious!!

"Thank you so much Eleanor Calder! I'll always support you no matter what and look into you! Thank you loveliest girl in the world..!!"

Xoxo - aia

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