Gorgeous Red or Sweet Green?

Hello Ladies,

I'm so sorry that I can't back to this blog sooner. Kinda busy with life and family on last weekend :)

But anyway, now I'll post you two kind of dress in Red and Green. Both of them are beautiful dresses for your inspiration outfits. So here we go..

This Red dress is suitable for your parties. Red heels and gold clutch will make you look stunning. And don't forget to use your red lipstick to complete the perfect style.

And the Green dress is comfort for your daily hang out with friends or your loved one. White Converse with Vintage bagpack will do. It's totally comfy to hang out at mall. Or you can use White Wedges with sling-bag to make feminine style.

Whatever your dress choice is, it's always have a big possibility for mix and match. So don't be afraid to express yourself and be fashionable everyday!

Xoxo - aia

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