One Day on Central Park

On last July, I was going to Central Park on Saturday. I was going with my fiance, Mickey and IT H ++ team, as always. We arrived there after lunch and spent our time in Fun World. Fun world was inside the mall and I loved to play there. We also took our time to karaoke in that place. (^o^)

After we got a lot fun in Fun World, we were going the other part of Central Park. We're going to Gramedia which held discount 30% all item. I got so many book there in that time. So happy shopping! (hahaha) Then we ate after shopping and went to the park.

There's a festival down there. It's called Nippon no Hatsuyuki (If I didn't wrong remember its name) held by BINUS University. There's so many Japanese food there. Um, yummy... And there's also some competition, but I didn't pay a lot of my attention about that. Furthermore, we spent our time for took some picture. (\^0^/) We're so maniac about it! Hahaha..

After took some picture, we spent our time with karaoke ( again? hahaha ) and went home around 8PM. Gah, what a tired day! But I have so much fun, we did! Hahaha.. You could saw our picture in my personal Facebook. But I just gave a little hint here.. Hope you'll like it! (^~^)

See yaa in next Festival!

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