Lovely SHOPPING time!

Well, it's time for my shopping report again! >.<
Here we go~

Last Sunday, I've been going to M2 (again) regarding my wedding souvenirs issue. But, It's because we already there so I won't miss the opportunity to shop a lot. (hahaha) I was going there with my fiance, Mickey, who always accompany me wherever I wanna go all the time. And we just love to shop together anytime. (^_^)

We arrived there about 2 PM and started to hunt things soon. It's soooo lucky!! (>_<) I got so many things there. I bought 1 pair Winnie the Pooh house sandals, 1 pc Hello Kitty Tissue Case, 2 pcs skirts (dark blue and pink), one pc black tube top, one pc khaki bolero and one pair crocs sandals.. (^o^) Sooo love them.. And I'll update the picture soon.. (^.~)

See ya~

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