Midnight Sale on Friday!!

On last Friday, I was going to Supermall to attend their Midnight Sale. There's so many crowd there with two DJ show and crazy discount just for two night. The program held until 12 PM and you would seen all of counter still opened and fulled of customers. Love it!

This program just held after a few months, maybe about three or four times a year depend on the organizer itself, Supermall. And I always attended most of their progarm. (hohoho ^.^) I never absent from all discount program.. (hahaha)

On that night, I bought 1 pair of Peter Keiza shoes (for my wedding day), 1 pair of St. Moritz shoes and 1 pcs dark grey Zipper Legging. I felt really satisfy with all stuff that I bought. Hope I could do some shopping again next time.. (^o^)

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