JFFF 2010 & Masquerade Carnival

JFFF 2010 which held on MKG has over on 23 May. But it has inspired me a lot.. (^_^)

Last Saturday on 22 May, I attended JFFF 2010 on MKG. I attended it with my Fiance, Mickey and IT H++ group. We arrived there around 3 PM after we went through the traffic jam. (we passed it with sing along & having joke in the car ^.^) MKG is such a big mall, We didn't knew where to go in the first time, until we decided to go to La Piazza building. (It's a hard work for my legs, we must walked so far before we arrived there ~.~)

In La Piazza, there was a place called Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe. It called so because there was so much traditional food and we need to change our money value there. We must changed IDR 1,000 to IDR 1, IDR 5,000 to IDR 5 and the biggest value was IDR 20,000 to IDR 20. We got money print paper (it's  like money when we played Monopoly game), then we bought some drinks. There was also a place with Eiffel miniature. It was built above a little pool, complete with lamps around this miniature. So Romantic in the night, I guess, but unfortunately, we couldn't snap a picture there. (T.T) We're all already tired after watched the Carnival for an hour in the night..

In a building near Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe, there was held Cheese & Wine Festival. We could taste all Cheese & Wine there. We tried some Cheese & Wine with so many kind of Cheese variant & Wine with variant alcohol percentage. From a delicious one to unbelievable taste. From a sweet one to horrible taste of Wine. (believe me the taste was yaaiiiiiikssss >,<) And after we tasted all that experience of flavor we still have a joke about it.

After that testing experience we moved to search Masquerade spot that will be held on 6 PM. We moved around and around until we got a good place to watch it, but not perfect enough to snap a picture. We were waiting there but the schedule delayed until 7 PM. (How a bored & tired time to wait). The first round of Carnival started with Cosplay team. There was so much Cosplay character there. From Naruto, Bleach or CCS and Dragon Ball to original character itself. The carnival shown so much magnificent costume, both in design or accessories. It made me amazed a lot. I hope, I could make such costumes like that and join the carnival in five years or more. (will really work hard for it >.<)

The carnival on that night closed with firework. It was a beautiful firework although it's not as beautiful as a firework on Green Apple that I seen two years ago (maybe). But it just so beautiful whenever I saw it. I like firework so much! (I never miss all firework on New Year eve every year. haha..) We ended that day with dinner and then we went home. What a great and tired night. Pheeeww...

See ya on next Event!!!

PS : This event also reported on Television News. Maybe you have watched it.. ^_^

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