Dear Colorful Life

Lately, I have been attracted by one new thing. And I really love my neeeeeeeewww interest.. (haha..)

Firstly, I have a big interest on clothing design. I have drawn so many design & will be more each weeks.. (I just could concentrated about it on the weekend) But sadly, I still can't do sewing!!!! So I can't figure out my cloth design to reality until now. Really want to learn, but maybe next year. I must wait until I have a stability between my personal life, working life and my online business.. Just can't wait until I start it! Hope could release my clothing line in years after.. (wish upon my God *o*) Cause there's so much things to do & prepare before I release it. I need an operation fund to wok it out, of course. And a best business planning. And a good partnership. And a marketing strategy. And bla... And bla bla bla... Huft, so many things to prepare here. Cause I don't wanna play losing game. (~.~)

secondly, it was my new interest not a long time ago. I love about photograph! Not just about the pictures itself, but its art & beauty inside. And also about the technique & skill which made it. I like all professional model who acted there, it's so eyes-catchy whenever I look at the pictures. Hope I could make some. (haha..) Especially when my cloching line will release. I need some models. I need a skillful photograper with program mastering. I want my photo session make the best result to represent my design. But for now, I just love to snap my life with my phone's camera. Hope got the best one for each moment. (hehe ^o^)

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