a Birthday with Pizza

   Happy birthday to you!
   Happy birthday to you!
   Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
   Happy birthday to you!

(to tell you the truth, we never sang it completely like above last night..hahaha)

Yeah, as you see on the title, there's a birthday yesterday. But sorry for make you disappoint, it wasn't mine nor my fiance, Mickey's birthday. It's Tony's birthday! One of my fiance friend in IT H ++ (seems like it has became an official name of their group.hahaha)

Yesterday was Tony's birthday and he celebrated it by invited us to have a dinner together, include Randy and Fajar (a man who said that he was sick but didn't know why he still could attend it and ate a lot.maybe his sickness just about hungry.hahaha.JK man..) Tony also brought his girlfriend, Susan, with him. He got a little surprise from us before we ate, with a cake, in heart shape (oh yes,that was so silly.hahaha.are you think it's Valentine's day?!a man with heart cake.hohoho) and wishes candles.

We planned to surprise him (hope he did surprise) and forced him to make a wish on candles, then we ate (a lot), have fun with silly joke, acted like a fool and played game.. Of course, we didn't forget to take a picture for every moment in that night (as always). Frankly, there's much of weird and silly picture, but I just show you one of them..

Ups.. It was a birthday, right? We already have cake, candles, food, but...... Where's the present?!?!? (0x0)

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