Just a Little of Myself

Hi I'm a 'newbee' here, hope you can enjoy my blog! (^~^)
And here we go...

As for a future bride like me, it's just so much excited to use my fiance last name as mine. Although, truthfully, I must wait six month later until its official use, (hahaha..) but I enjoy to use it as well from now on. You can call me Mrs. Tanaya..

Nowdays, I just an ordinary girl with a simple life (but try to enjoy it like it was Hollywood's lifestyle. hahaha. so meanie). I live in a small town but it have a cool mall nearly (a mall that we choose for hang out on the first place) and I love to shop there so much. I'm working for one company and have a great time with them (although there's still a bad day also) but I still have a dream, and I hope that I could fulfill this dream soonest. I wonder how far my self become to be on the years after. Oh, I can't wait..

On October 2010, I'm proudly going to marry my fiance, Mickey "M" Tanaya after one year engagement (plus 3 years dating before engagement). I met him on 2006 and so happy cause our relationship could gone so far like this. He just a man I never seen before. He's so charming, lovely & cute. (maybe next time I'll put some of our picture here.. ^_^) He's like a friend, a man, even a child for me. He always by my side no matter what happen or what condition it was. He's so adorable like I feel want to always hug or kiss him.. (hahaha)

Our relationship is one of happiest phrase in my life. Love & Beloved are so much comfortable feeling to share. We enjoy everytime together and it's make our feeling strengthen towards each other. I'm sure that I can reach anything in my life with him and I hope he feel the same way. I just wish this beautiful life always be forever..

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